Adaptec 1220sa Windows 7 Driver Download

The drivers for this hardware are supplied by Adaptec, not by Microsoft Adaptec release new Versions of the drivers, as bugs are fixed.

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Visit our Microsoft Answers Feedback Forum and let us know. 1220SA and 1225SA 64-bit Windows Driver v1 6 12089 Hello buddah_bso, Welcome to Microsoft Answers Forum! It would help us figure out what update is required to be installed if you can give us more information about the product you have on your computer.

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Here is a link I found for the Adaptec website for downloading the drivers: As this is a third party website, I also found a link for the support options from Adaptec: I hope that this information helps. Download Bootable Mac Os

adaptec 29320lpe windows 2012 r2 driver

The message indicates that you need to go to the Adaptec website and download the driver for your device.. Please get back to us if you have any more questions about this Thanks, Irfan H, Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.. If you have any SCSI devices on your computer, you might have to download the latest driver for this.

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